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Human Resource Functions: Is it Appropriate for Governments to Regulate and Influence HRD Practices within Businesses - Term Paper Example

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This paper aims at tackling some of the arguments for and against the influence of legislation on employee development. The author states that training and development activities are aimed at enhancing performance and improving the organization’s competitive advantage  …
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Human Resource Functions: Is it Appropriate for Governments to Regulate and Influence HRD Practices within Businesses
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Functions: Is it Appropriate for Governments to Regulate and Influence HRD Practices within Businesses"

Download file to see previous pages Effective HRD practices include employee training, career development and skill development (Joy-Mathews, Meggison and Surtees, 2004). Many organizations in the world today have human resource policies that incorporate the aspect of human resource development within and outside the company.
In the UK, most of the top companies have a strong human resource management that takes care of the employees’ development needs. One of the reasons why some organizations in the country appear more successful than others has to do with the level of HR development. Employees in such organizations normally feel valued, and this increases their morale, which translates to better performance and more profitability for the company (Towers, 1996). Although many companies in the country have their own internal HR development policies, most of them are not sufficient to empower employees to be as productive as they are supposed to be in this day and age. The government has stepped in its effort to ensure that the workforce receives competent training in various work sectors (Joy-Mathews, Meggison and Surtees, 2004). However, the involvement of government through regulations is debatable. This paper aims at tackling some of the arguments for and against the influence of legislation on employee development.
There are a number of HRD activities that are carried out within organizations. Vocational development helps individuals to realize and advance their self-concept, which results in better performance at the workplace (Nadler, 1984). In the UK, training of employees is one of the most important HRD practices. Employees normally receive on the job and off the job training to enable them to enhance their performance in an organization. Through proper training, it is possible for organizations to have proper staffing and to improve retention.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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