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The Effect of Immersion Bath on Labour Pain - Book Report/Review Example

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The research paper “The Effect of Immersion Bath on Labour Pain” analyzes the article by da Silva, de Oliviera, and Nobre, which contains a number of statistics and charts which make it appear difficult to understand at first glance…
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The Effect of Immersion Bath on Labour Pain
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Download file to see previous pages Author affiliation for da Silva is Nurse Midwife, MSC, RN at the Sapopemba Birth Center in Sao Paulo; affiliation for de Oliveira is Assistant Professor, Ph.D., RN for the Department of Maternal-Child and Psychiatric Nursing, School of Nursing in Sao Paulo; and the affiliation for Cuce Nobre is Assistant Professor, MD, Ph.D. at the Clinical Epidemiology Unit of the Heart Institute at the University of Sao Paulo. The affiliations of the authors contribute to trusting their research, and the international nature of the study shows that other researchers outside the UK are investigating this suggestion scientifically.
It is important for researchers to minimize the use of jargon in their scientific papers, although some jargon is to be expected. During the discussion and methodology sections of this article, the authors used words that anyone familiar with medical terminology could understand. The statistical analysis section and the scattered references to mean scores throughout the article could be difficult for someone who is not familiar with statistical analysis, but the discussion explained these points fairly well.
The objective of the study was to measure the effect of immersion baths on pain during the first stage of labor. The first stage of labor was defined as 6-7 centimeters of dilation, at which point the women entered the immersion bath for one hour. The authors used a randomized controlled trial comparing bathing women with non-bathing women. They explain that they wanted to concentrate upon the first stage of labor and use the women’s own perception. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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