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Judging Performance of Johnson Controls' HR Department - Research Paper Example

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The current investigation “Judging Performance of Johnson Controls’ HR Department” looks at leading company with 140,000 employees dealing with automotive experience. The author aims to assess what the employees expect from the HR department and how sated they are with its current efficiency.
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Judging Performance of Johnson Controls HR Department
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Extract of sample "Judging Performance of Johnson Controls' HR Department"

Download file to see previous pages I had selected 10 locations of Johnson Controls for the survey. In each of these 10 locations, 6 employees were selected for the survey. These employees were given a survey form to fill. Thus the total number of survey forms distributed was 60. Out of these 60 forms, 55 were returned. This gives a return percentage of 92%. Out of these 55 forms, 50 were found to be correct in all aspects. Thus the correct return percentage was around 83%. The survey had to measure two areas: importance and satisfaction. Each respondent was asked to rank the HR services (1 – 8) according to the importance they gave to the service and the satisfaction they obtained. Following is the summary of the results of the survey.
Firstly, the highest average score for importance is achieved by Wage and Salary Administration. Considering that people work mainly to obtain salaries and fulfill their financial needs, this is not surprising. The least importance score is achieved by Employee Counseling Service. This shows that employees do not consider counseling to be a great need.
For satisfaction, the highest score is achieved by Flexible Work Schedule. This shows that the employees are satisfied with the work schedule and consider it to be flexible and comfortable. It could also mean that employees are allowed to work in their own timings and there is no pressure to obey attendance rules. The lowest satisfaction score is achieved by Wage and Salary Administration. This reveals that the HR department is not performing a good job when it comes to distributing salaries. It could mean that the employees do not get their salaries on time. It could also indicate that the employees receive erroneous salary figures or have unnecessary deductions from their salaries.
Considering importance and satisfaction to be in the same frame, there does not seem to be much difference in the importance and satisfaction scores for Performance Appraisal System and College Recruitment. This means that the HR department is performing a pretty decent job in recruitment and is keeping up with the aspirations of the employees with regards to the appraisal of work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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