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The paper "Animal Use In Medical Research" presents two different perspectives on medical researchers and ethics related to the use of animals on whether the animals should be used in the medical research or not. It ends with favoring the perspective, which is most convincing…
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Animal Use In Medical Research
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Download file to see previous pages Medical research includes acquirement of new knowledge and using animals for testing chemicals and compounds for ensuring safety and guarantee. According to them, no new medicine or drug can be introduced to the market or the patients, until and unless it is tested on an animal. The new drug, medicine or treatment all over the world is confirmed effective based on the tests done on animals (Green, Guyer & Institute, 2011). The surgery on animals is supporting the techniques of transplantation of organ and open-heart surgery. Experiments done on animals do the introduction of vaccines against diseases like polio, rabies, mumps, tuberculosis, and rubella. Also, advancement of antibiotics, insulin, HIV and cancer treatments are done on animals first. The animal research has made the most significant development in reproductive medicine like Vitro fertilization, oral contraceptives, and therapy of hormonal replacement (World Medical Association, 2001). Though many people are of the view that medical research done on the animal is brutal, there would be no possibility to develop so many medications that are found today.
The researchers found that the benefits accrued by humans through the research on animals are much more, compared to the losses suffered due to the less number of animals. According to a report by American Medical Association, 99% of the doctors in the US believe that use of animals in medical research has lead to increase in the advancement of the medical sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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