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The author states that the organization of focus faces a number of challenges but also has reasonable opportunities that can improve its general performance. The organization is under criminal investigation officers who seek to determine its involvement in financial malpractices…
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Challenges and Opportunities of the Organizations
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Organizational Analysis The organization of focus faces a number of challenges but also has reasonable opportunities that can improve its general performance. To begin, the organization is under criminal investigation officers who seek to determine its involvement in financial malpractices. The organization faces accusation for involving laundering of money resulting from the Mexican drug business. The seemingly reason that the bank associates with drug money relates to its aspiration to raise revenue through issuance of loans. Due to offering lower interest rates, the organization attracts many borrowers who have eventually exhausted its reserves. Accepting money from the Mexican drug dealers helps in satisfying its business goals as the deal increases deposits for loaning. Involvement of the organization in money laundering activity is leading to the likelihood of it incurring a fine of $700 million.
Another challenge facing the organization relates to lack of proper marketing focus. This element has led the company to face legal suites. The business is also at the verge of compensating some of its clients who lost money through uncertain schemes that it initiated. For instance, the organization is setting aside $1.3 billion for compensating victims of improper insurance selling. With proper marketing focus, the organization would be able to identify and detect the problem, and avoid the associated losses. Additionally, the business is poised to incur bills in payment of the damages for the alleged misinformation about its American consumer-finance business. The organization is also under scrutiny for violation of mortgage foreclosure rules, which will see it compensate customers that lost investments in the scheme of Bernard Madoff Ponzi.
Despite the challenges faced, the organization enjoys some opportunities that it can exploit and develop to improve its condition. One of the opportunities relates to the growth experienced in the marketing markets, which has the potential to increase profitability. The business already has a big name in the banking and financial industry. It only needs to correct its tainted image and will manage to gain acceptance in the emerging markets. Another opportunity relates to the low interest rates that the organization offers on mortgages. The organization can take advantage of its recognition as offering low interest rates on mortgages to expand its market share and revenues.
To improve the situation alongside taking advantage of the opportunities, the organization has to apply experiential learning techniques in its training and development program. The mistakes tainting the image of the organization are clear to everyone (Swanson & Holton, 2001). In that line, training and development programs need to encourage the employees to shape their perception of concepts depending on the experiences. The learners should integrate the actual challenges of the business with the theories so to gain concrete knowledge and understand weight of learning.
Another way of improving the situation is for the organization to identify employees who have good capability of learning informally. Informal learning is the actual opposite of formal learning that has to take place in a structured classroom. The company needs to cut expenditures considering that it has many bills and fines to pay (Swanson & Holton, 2001). People who can learn informally from the situation of the company and understand the best ways to improve the condition will relieve the organization from incurring costs on structured and formal learning. In fact, the retrenching program should target only those who lack the ability to learn informally.
Swanson, R. & Holton, E. (2001). Foundations of Human Resource Development. San Francisco; CA: Berrett-Koehler Publisher. Read More
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