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This paper 'People Living With Disabilities Are Denied Employment" focuses on the fact that the opportunity for employment is crucial for an individual’s personal well-being, economic security, and sense of identity. People living with disabilities have been denied employment opportunities. …
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People Living With Disabilities Are Denied Employment
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Only a few people living with disabilities access meaningful employment. There are several misconceptions and negative attitudes about disability that reduce the employers’, whether corporate, government or non-government, willingness from hiring anyone affected by a disability (UNICEF 2011). In some instances, some qualified job seekers are clearly discriminated and sidelined because of disabilities. People with intellectual disability are, for example, stigmatized for their perceived inability to comprehend most of the things that surround them. In addition, some employers are unwilling to recruit them because of the costs of adaptive technology and modifications needed at the workplace for them to work efficiently (UNICEF 2011). It is, therefore, apparent that these misconceptions continue to deprive people with disabilities the opportunity for employment.
Lack of access to education, training, and funding are central to securing employment. Young people living with disabilities do not have access to opportunities and formal education to enhance their skills. The gap in education levels between those with disabilities and those without is a primary factor that determines who secures employment (DRNPA 2009). For people with disabilities and lack formal education, training or skills, they can still indulge in self-employment. Their lack of funding, however, presents an obstacle that prevents them from setting up businesses. Securing loans from lenders is a challenge because there are few people in the society who are willing to be collaterals to them. The lack of funds for investment, therefore, continues to deprive them the opportunity for employment (“Arc, 2014”).
It is inevitable that people with disabilities are overprotected by labour laws. Many countries and, in particular, those in Eastern Europe have substantial protective views regarding working with disabilities. The labour laws, for example, require more rest periods, few working days, and lengthy paid leaves for workers with disabilities. The laws hold irrespective of the needs or circumstances at the workplace (UNICEF 2011). Although the laws are made to protect the unfortunate people, some employers find it hard to observe them. The laws are made with positive intentions, but they make employers see workers with disabilities as costly and less productive. People with disabilities, therefore, end up being denied their opportunity for employment (UNICEF 2011).
It is a fact that people with disabilities fail to secure employment at the expense of those without disabilities. Most of the adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities are either underemployed or unemployed in spite of their willingness and ability to serve the community. It is also important to note that people with disabilities tend to have low expectations and, therefore, fail to seek employment.   Read More
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