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Leader Effectiveness in Multicultural Environments - Coursework Example

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They are modeled on location and general life experiences. Society has a way of defining individual personalities and perceptions in different situations. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is all about being able to understand…
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Leader Effectiveness in Multicultural Environments
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Download file to see previous pages Based on the previous journal entries, I should work on cultural communication, strategy, and cultural motivation skills. These skills are key to successful leadership because they determine how one can keep relationships with people from varied cultural backgrounds (Rowley & Poon, 2009). Cultural communication is the ability to communicate very well with people from varied cultural backgrounds. It is the ability to make individuals from different cultures to feel comfortable by adopting their cultural behavior and communication technique. Effective communication technique is necessary ingredients in the achievement of effective leadership.
Cultural strategy refers to the set of techniques that one uses to handle situations that require cultural intelligence. It entails careful planning and execution of efficient management practices that facilitation the adoption of cultural behavior and communication from different cultures. Sometimes it is necessary for a leader to pause and perform a mental reset. The reset is necessary to ensure one is on the right track. The skills that are essential to the development of cultural awareness and effective leadership are cognition, metacognition, behavior, and motivation.
The whole training will take one month. The timeline is a bit long because time is needed to experience different environments, which can facilitate the practice of several skills. Cultural communication will be the first skill to practice. The first week of the training will involve a real life experience in a multicultural environment. Placing myself in a multicultural environment will help me to focus on cultural behavior and practices to master how to communicate with people from different cultures. The goal is to master the specific behavior associated with communication in different contexts. The ability to understand cultural behavior and related it to communication ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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