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These were measured as part of my overall contribution to a sales and growth team that was set at the organization. The human resource manager combined…
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Performance Metrics
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School: Topic: PERFORMANCE METRICS Lecturer: Three performance related behaviors that were measured were customer relations, leadership skill, and innovativeness. These were measured as part of my overall contribution to a sales and growth team that was set at the organization. The human resource manager combined quantitative metrics such as a performance scorecard with qualitative metric such as observational checklist. I believe the metrics were effective for these behaviors since the behaviors were made up of both qualitative and quantitative variables alike. In effect, the combined metrics ensured that no performance related outcome was skipped, just as was the recommendation of Epstein and McFarlan (2011) for achieving effective performance measurement outcomes.
Even though the metrics have been generally described as appropriate, there are a number of ways in which it could be improved for superior outcomes. In the first place, it was seen that the metric was more individualistic, as it only sought to score personal outcomes in the three behavior areas. This could have been improved by having a larger organizational yardstick against which each person’s score was pegged against. Once this was not done, it was possible to tell who performed best but it was not possible to tell if that best performer’s performance was at par or below what was expected at the organizational level. Secondly, the metric could have been improved if it was made a peer-reviewed one by making staff score their colleague members.
If the organization did not have any metrics in place, I would have suggested the use of a performance feedback metric with the aim of ensuring that employees were not only rated but also made to be aware of any factors that informed their performance. Once such a move is taken, it will be assured that at the end of the performance measurement with the use of the metric, employees will clearly know areas of their work delivery that they ought to improve (Cravens, Goad Oliver & Stewart, 2010). Such improvement would subsequently lead to improved growth for the organization at large.
Cravens, K., Goad Oliver, E., & Stewart, J. (2010). Can a positive approach to performance evaluation help accomplish your goals? Business Horizons, 53(3), 269-279
Epstein, M., & McFarlan, F. (2011). Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a non-profits performance. Strategic Finance, 93(4), 27-34. Read More
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Performance Metrics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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