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The paper "Serology International Employee Training" describes that serology International is a multinational firm that specializes in the manufacture of laboratory products associated with blood testing for criminal purposes. In the recent past, the crime rates have increased in the major regions that it supplies its products. …
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Serology International Employee Training
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Serology International Employee Training Case study
Serology International is a multinational firm that specializes in the manufacture of laboratory products associated with blood testing for criminal purposes. In the recent past, the crime rates have increased in the major regions that it supplies its products. However, there has been an issue with the products manufactured by the firm because their crime solution rate has been on a decline. Could it be because criminals are increasingly using techniques that are more advanced while the firm continues to produce traditional crime solution products? The question has led the management to come up with a new product that detects DNA from serum samples in real time. The human resource director, Dr. Tom Turblin has been assigned the role of selecting the most qualified employee to lead the new division that is going to be charged with the production of the kit. Dr. Tom will also be in charge of training him for the role.
Dr. Tom decides that he will first begin with a re-evaluation of the academic qualification of all the employees that are employed by the firm. The exercise is going to be undertaken by an outsourced firm that deals with analysis and auditing. The exercise is going to cost Serology International around 60,000 US dollars. In addition, the outsourced auditing firm has notified Dr. Tom that the exercise will take three weeks. However, Dr. Tom wanted it completed as soon as possible, but he has already agreed to the deal.
The firm identifies Scott Dickson as the most qualified employee. Thus, Dr. Tom decides to go through his file and record. He notes Scott has been the head of the Pipette production unit for the firm for a long time. His records show that in his tenure, there has been a considerable rate of return and innovation; hence paints him as an innovative individual. What about his leadership skills? After inquiring from the workers under his jurisdiction. They indicate that he is a leader who is always willing to listen and take part in the production stages. Moreover, he seeks to understand each employee on a personal level and gives credit where it is due.
However, Scott has some shortcomings. One is that Scott has no prior experience in the production of DNA assessment kits. An aspect that worries Dr. Tom a lot. He has since decided help him and work as his guide. His hope is that doing so will give Scott the confidence that is required to run the new division successfully. Scott is also be said to be high-tempered. He is emotional and has losses control easily. On several occasions, he has lost control of the situation when things have not gone as per his wish. His marketing skills are also not up to the required levels to ensure a successful of the new kits into the market. He has also been accused of not considering junior workers who are less experienced.
Nevertheless, Dr. Tom envisages that all these shortcomings can be turned around by providing Scot with the appropriate training. Dr. Tom thinks that he has identified all the training needs that Scott requires and he will be transformed into a person who will be of benefit to the firm in this new venture.
1. Is it right to hire an audit firm to analyze the academic qualification of employees like Dr. Tom has done?
2. As a guide, what aspects of Scott’s personality should Dr. Tom focus on helping him change?
3. State and describe the training methods that could be used in transforming the leadership capabilities of Scott? Read More
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