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Therefore, the company will need to take stock of its current employees and then consider how many new ones are needed to maintain production rates after the…
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Employe Search Process
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Human Resources Planning and the Employee Search Process al Affiliation Human Resources Planning and the Employee Search Process The company will require an increase in its employee base to enable it to handle the increasing demand for its services. Therefore, the company will need to take stock of its current employees and then consider how many new ones are needed to maintain production rates after the expansion. The new employees must have the proficiency to uphold the quality standards that embody the company’s profile. A multifaceted approach targeting recruitment agencies, special interest groups, and employee referrals will also contribute to increasing the visibility of the vacancies available in the company. This approach increases the chances of drawing potential candidates from a wide pool of professionals. The vacancy’s details in advertisements will include the positions available, applicants educational requirements, and skill levels required from potential employees. Interested parties can then send in their applications by e-mail to reduce the potential candidates to those proficient with electronic communications.
The company’s expansion process requires it to have an intricate knowledge of the current trends in the US welding industry. Demand for welding and welded products fell from $6.113 billion in 2006 to $6 billion in 2011, and this drop was attributed to reduced demand in the construction and repair and maintenance markets (League Park Advisors, 2013, p. 5). According to the League Park Advisors report (2013), demand is expected to rise to $8.067 billion by 2016 as companies increase their production capabilities to meet growing market demand (p. 5). The labor availability in the welding industry is set to increase as industry players such as the manufacturing sector adopt automation for repetitive and hazardous tasks, but the demand for welding specialists will increase due to the need to monitor and direct these automation processes (League Park Advisors, 2013, p. 5).
Due to these changes in the market’s demands, labor availability will see a likely shift from the manufacturing industry as it increasingly adopts automation, towards sectors such as repair and maintenance and construction. Manufacturing services may also move from China as wages in that market increase, and this could increase demand for the US manufacturing market (League Park Advisors, 2013, p. 8). Projected annual growth rates of 6.8% and 11.8% for the repair and maintenance and construction markets respectively also dwarf the manufacturing market’s growth rate of 5.7% and also proposes reactionary shifts in the labor market (League Park Advisors, 2013, p. 8). Therefore, this is the right time for the company to make its move since both labor availability and market demand favor the company’s expansion.
HR will need to filter out the applicants through a testing and interviewing process. In the modern labor market, job applicants are prone to embellishing their résumés to increase their chances of employment and companies thereby risk employing underqualified individuals. Therefore, the testing process will analyze individuals practical application of their welding skills to ensure that only aptly-skilled applicants move on to the interviews. These latter meetings will consist of open-ended sessions where interviewees can offer individual responses to the questions fielded by HR. Their answers to questions such as their ideal working environments, their propensity for teamwork and how they handle challenging situations will help HR determine the best fits for the company. The number of eligible candidates may end up being too few to fill the available vacancies and in such a case, HR will conduct the search process as many times as necessary. With these guidelines in place, HR is perfectly prepared to begin the employee search process as soon as the company avails the resources needed to begin the search.
League Park Advisors. (2013). Industry Report: Welding Equipment and Hardgoods Market Insights. Cleveland: League Park Advisors. Read More
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Employe Search Process Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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