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During the course, I have learnt that the concept of globalization and diversity in different settings integrates people from different…
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Personal Action Plan
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Fahad Alsowaidan Culture Expo Personal action plan is a plan that is developed after learning to initiate new changes in the society by implementing what you have learnt. During the course, I have learnt that the concept of globalization and diversity in different settings integrates people from different backgrounds and social orientations under one roof. This diversity in today’s environment carries lessons for us in all domains of life. We learn and adopt different cultural and moral values from people. However, diversity also brings a number of issues for the people in minority. Those who migrate from other regions feel uncomfortable with the cultural and social surroundings of the host country. These issues include, but are not limited to, dressing style, eating habits, language barriers, religious affiliations, and cultural festivals and so on. The most pressing issues that I found are communication and/or language barriers and prejudice against people in minority threatening their integration in the new environment and with the new people.
During the course, I realized that my social network with others was weak and full of prejudice and self seeking. In response to this I will strengthen my social relation by making more friends both in the college and in the community as a whole. Improving social network through appreciations and accepting every culture creates a social bond between people.
I would focus my action plan in the friends’ group area initially. I would like to take part in making people from different backgrounds mingle and forget differences in their backgrounds, accents, languages and dressing. I would work hard to bring them on the same page by emphasizing on the equality that exists between them for being humans.
Another aspect that was identified during the course that has not been up to date is communication. On the personal ground my communication has been moderate. I have been concentrating on my peers and those in the same class. This course has exposed me to learn how to communicate with those in the higher position. These include the lecturers, administrators and university workers. In light to what I have learnt, I will improve my language which has been a barrier to communicate with those in senior authority.
Communication has also been a challenge to other who shared this class with me. They did not know how they could channel their complaints to the authority. Hence, I would like to reduce their hesitation by guiding them toward the official procedures that work in a systematic manner to address the issues. Such communication barriers create issues for the students and their dire needs remain unanswered.
For the purpose of addressing prejudice, communication and language barriers, as a part of my personal action plan, I would:
Be friends with at least 2 people from different cultures
Understand their values and celebrate their cultural events at least once
Help them with the host country language and make them comfortable with their natural accent as it distinguishes them
Celebrate a day with them in their cultural day at least once
Guide them in difficult times like when they face discrimination, directly or indirectly
Focus on my communication levels by taking part in class discussions at least twice a week
To start the struggle, I attended cultural expo and look forward to participate in such events to address communication and prejudice issue and mitigate the effect of these issues for others and for myself. Read More
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