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The company would form my top choice. The internship may make you interested or feel uncomfortable in future engagement with the company. The reason I would go for Qualcomm is that they pay the summer…
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495 disc
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495 disc 495 disc Of fortune’s best companies I would prefer to work for Qualcomm. The company would form my top choice. The internship may make you interested or feel uncomfortable in future engagement with the company. The reason I would go for Qualcomm is that they pay the summer interns (Leahey, 2014). Most companies do not pay interns because they claim that the interns are under training and do not contribute very much to the efficiency of the company. The provision of a fully furnished house gives Qualcomm a lead above others companies. It is rare to find a company dedicating such facilities to interns who are only in the company for a limited period. The ability to choose your roommate and have access to television and DVD player is very enticing. Interns like having fun and accessing such facilities together with the freedom is great. Availability of the house cleaner give interns more time to focus on the productivity of the company.
In line with the week’s readings, Qualcomm incorporated Maslow hierarchy of needs theory as an employee motivational and retention tool. It tries to meet the need s of the interns in order to make the motivated and have interest in working for the company in future (Montana & Charnov, 2008). Through the payment, the company accomplishes the physiological and security need of its interns. Offering the interns the opportunity to choose their roommates in the fully furnished houses help them meet their social needs. The strategies adopted by Qualcomm make the interns comfortable. Chances of requesting retention to work for the company are high.
Leahey, C. (2014). 10 top perks from Best Companies 2014. FORTUNE. Retrieved from
Montana, P. J., & Charnov, B. H. (2008). Management. Hauppauge, NY: Barrons Educational Series. Read More
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495 Disc Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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