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The author states that as a manager in Human Resource, it is vital to have some of the values as discussed by the three speakers respectively; April Chen, Michael Patterson and Lela Baldaray Felix. These speakers point out on the value of diversity and life skills that we should have…
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Important Values as a Potential Manager Human Resource
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Important Values as a Potential Manager Human Resource Human resource serves as the “heart” of every organization, and the success of every organization depends on how human resource operates. Therefore, as a manager in Human Resource, it is vital to have some of the values as discussion by the three speaker respectively; April Chen, Michael Patterson and Lela Baldaray Felix.
The first speaker emphasis on having work experience that is needed in human resource field and such experience should be obtained from voluntary internship to various job departments where one is likely to get professional guidance from those already in the field. On the other hand, internship in as many public centers as possible greats connection such that as a student once you get to the job market you can secure a job much faster compared to the competing students who come out of college without having attended any internship.
The second speaker emphasizes that, as a Human Resource manager, it is important to be active and have the passion towards your job. As a student, much is needed to learn especially when one has interest towards attaining something he or she think is of value to their life in their profession. He points out that one is graded according to the amount of knowledge one has in their field of work and seeking assistance as a learner builds the base to attain good job qualities.
The third speaker explains on the important on the personal skills especially when you job involves much of public relation such as salespeople since the amount of sales directly depend on the sales aspect of the salesperson as he or she has total control over sales.
Overall, the three speakers points out on the value of diversity and life skills that as human resource we should have because when one goes for a job interview he or she has something to bring to the table for the interview panel. One should have diverse life skills in different fields such as; Entertainment, Information Technology (IT) and even hospitality in order to enrich his or her public relation skill as human resource much involve public interaction.
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