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Dismissal Meeting - Coursework Example

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It covers a wide and wild range of situations that lead to dismissal. It would be shallow to vindicate that it is pleasant to dismiss an employee. However, conducting appropriate dismissal meetings can be far more…
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Dismissal Meeting
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Download file to see previous pages Hostility is bound to surface when the channels or steps taken do not satisfy the requisite legal requirements for termination of one’s employment. It is for the above reasons that this paper seeks to highlight step by step processes of conducting dismissal and ways managers can cope with the emotions that accompany an employee’s layoff (Sidney, 2009).
The different types of dismissal are fair dismissal, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and wrongful dismissal. In most cases fair and unfair dismissal depend on two facts. These two facts are the reasons for the termination and the reaction that comes alongside the dismissal. However, for the constructive dismissal an employee may decide to put pen to paper an end to the employment contract due to a number of reasons. There are several ways that consequently lead to this kind of dismissal. For instant, when an employee’s wages are reduced in a manner that breaches the terms of agreement of the contract or the prevailing working conditions endangers the life of the employee or unjust increase in workload and discrimination of the employee (Sandler & Keefe, 2010).
It is a natural phenomenon for the person being dismissed to feel resentment towards the manager. It is prudent that anything the manager does during the dismissal is aimed at minimizing as much as possible the resentment that the process may accompany. The repercussions for dismissal of a worker can be so detrimental not only to the company itself but also to the well being of the manager (Cushway, 2014). Due to competitive nature in the business arena, companies strive to create and maintain a nutritious image geared towards acquisition of customers for the short term purpose as well as long term purpose. If the distraught worker bad mouths the company after dismissal, customers may have some reservations towards that company. Moreover, the manager should avoid by all means using all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dismissal Meeting Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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