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Medical technology improves the quality of healthcare delivery by providing precise medical diagnoses, complete and quicker cures in a cost effective way. Digital radiography is a technology that dentists use to find important information that helps in the evaluation of oral…
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Health and Medical Technologies
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Health & Medical Technologies al Affiliation) Medical Technology Medical technology improves the quality of healthcare delivery by providing precise medical diagnoses, complete and quicker cures in a cost effective way. Digital radiography is a technology that dentists use to find important information that helps in the evaluation of oral health of patients. Radiographs enable dentists to observe activities in the oral cavity (Shi & Singh, 2012). Some of the areas that a radiograph reveals include areas of bone imperfections, tumors, recurrent decay, abscess, periodontal disease, and developmental abnormalities. Detection and treatment of dental problems at an early stage saves money, time, and discomfort from toothaches. Radiographs play an important role by helping dentist detect dental problems that would otherwise be undetectable.
Digital radiography is a major technological breakthrough as it plays a major role in ensuring quality dental care delivery. However, this technological advancement comes at a cost that society must bear. Additionally, more costs develop through need of skilled personnel, staff training, demand for utilization of the technology, and facility upgrade programs. Nevertheless, the benefits of digital radiography overshadow the costs of the technology (Shi & Singh, 2012).
The implementation of a digital radiography technology is likely to increase satisfaction and improve physical comfort for patients. On the other hand, the dental team will be able to dedicate more efforts to services that utilize their skills, which will in turn raise morale and improve job performance. Additionally, installation of digital radiography will positively affect the cash flow of a health facility. Incorporating digital radiography not only leads to better dental care but also cuts the expenses of a healthcare facility (Shi & Singh, 2012).
Shi, L., & Singh, D. (2012). Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (5th Ed.). Boston: Jones and Bartlett. Read More
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Health and Medical Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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