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Trade Union is defined as an organization of employees in same or related skilled occupation who act together in securing their member’s hours, wages, and other working conditions. In United States, the Trade Unions were first organised in 19th century. The main objective of…
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HRD 350 ch #2
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TRADE UNION affiliation Trade Union is defined as an organization of employees in same or related skilled occupation who act together in securing their member’s hours, wages, and other working conditions. In United States, the Trade Unions were first organised in 19th century. The main objective of the union is to bargain with the employers for the working conditions, hours, and wages their employees. Before 1930, the union has adverse disadvantages with the management, since the new regulations recognised the worker’s rights to organise. After passing the National Labor Relations Act, the employees were given powers to join and form the labour unions.
The Trade unions have the mandate of conducting strikes against the employers. Strike is considered to be the last option, but when negotiations reaches impasse, strike is taken to be the only bargaining instrument for the workers. The trade unions are divided into industrial and craft unions. Craft union is composed of employees that perform a specific trade like printers, carpenters, and plumbers. In US, the craft unions are represented by various national organisations. In 1930s, various AFL unions that seek a national organization of workers came up with the Committee for Industrial Organization. The CIO organised all the industrial workers working with rubber plants, steel, and automobile. The Membership in trade unions has been on the descending trend since 1950. This has led to a decline in the number of employees found in the mmmanufacturing sector. In 1995, the union membership comprised of 15% of the work force. This is compared with 34.7% that was in 1954 (Harrod, 1972).
Harrod, J. (1972). Trade union foreign policy. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday.

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HRD 350 Ch #2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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