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The paper "Appropriateness Of Integrity And Personality Tests" describes that the organization can, for this reason, use the tests as an indication of the presence of desired capabilities as long as ethical. Employers should employ personality and integrity tests to hire and promote personnel…
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Appropriateness Of Integrity And Personality Tests
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Appropriateness Of Integrity And Personality Tests
Employers should employ personality and integrity tests to hire and promote personnel. Employees who have scored highly in the two tests have been better performers than those who have not scored highly on the aspects tested (US Office of Personnel Management, 2015). When an organization recruits, it desires to get the best-qualified persons to higher or promote. Unfortunately, the organization may not be aware of new employees’ capabilities due to no previous contact (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2013). The organization can, for this reason, use the tests as an indication of the presence of desired capabilities as long as ethical, and legal standards are observed (Stabile, 2002).
Integrity and personality tests are ostensibly more significant in some jobs than others. For instance, jobs in finance depend on integrity and personality irrespective of the controls used (Robbins, 2013). A position such of an accountant will require the individual to be honest at work. If the accountant is not honest, the organization can easily collapse as the accountant can scheme against the organization in such a fashion as to steal money from it without being noticed for a long time. Accountants can do so through manipulating loopholes in the accounting systems that a firm employs.
Due to the advantages of personality and integrity texts expressed above, companies will most likely use more of them in the next five years. However, the use will depend on whether the tests are adjudged to be ethical over time, and their legality is upheld. The rationale is that since the modern business environment is characterized by uncertainty, companies would prefer to keep their risks at the minimum in all avenues in which risks can be controlled. If human resource departments can successfully identify and hire staff with excellent character, companies would be glad due to reduced risk of theft and improved work performance.
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