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This also applies to the pharmaceutical field and pharmacists have to get their license and credentials from the state they will be practicing. In most states, for one to get…
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The Pharmacistd and Workforce Planning
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The pharmacist and workforce planning Licensing and Credentialing (Similarities among s In the US, different states have different regulations and requirements for their health professionals. This also applies to the pharmaceutical field and pharmacists have to get their license and credentials from the state they will be practicing. In most states, for one to get a license the must apply from the state’s board of pharmacy, they must have either B.S. in Pharmacy or a Pharm. D. degree from an accredited college, completed internship experience hours, and NAPLEX exams. Other requirements may vary between states, and each state has a renewal policy.
Number of professionals in Practice:
The current statistics on pharmacy professionals in the use as per the AACP survey in fall 2014 stands at “6,334 full-time and 292 part-time pharmacy faculty members” (AACP, n.d.). According to the bureau of statistics, 2012 report showed pharmacists occupied 286,400 jobs in the US (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014).
Distribution of Pharmacists (shortages):
In 2008, a report by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Task Force showed a demand for pharmacy faculty members to increase by 20% in the next decade and in 2009, it was reported that the demand for clinical pharmaceuticals was highest (Knapp, Manolakis, Webster, & Olsen, 2011). It is estimated that despite the high enrollment rate of Pharm D the shortage in pharmacists will continue to exist for many years (Knapp, Manolakis, Webster, & Olsen, 2011).
Current Issues Pharmacists are facing:
Some reports a future influx in pharmacists as opposed to their growth in demand, current statistics in enrollment also show a trend where supply will exceed demand (Smith, Wertheimer, & Fincham, 2013).
Future outlook (role of technology, impact of other professions, changes in healthcare system):
According to AACP, the future of pharmacy is bright, with an estimated over 157,000 demand for pharmacists by 2020. Their role in the healthcare industry is steadily expanding, with their role termed as a vital part in the effective delivery of healthcare (AACP, n.d.). New technology is continuously developed to assists pharmacists in making their task simpler, for example medical barcodes. Their salaries has also been associated with a growing trend with their current median pay according to labor statistics bureau being $116,670 annually, with high expectations in an increase with time (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014).
Global aspects of the profession:
According to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (2012), there is an increased demand for health services including pharmacy services. Various contemporary issue faces the professions, which include job retention, workforce development, and migration. To growth in the profession, needs assessment as well as current trends in healthcare will have to be factored into developments plans (FIP, 2012).
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