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Silzer & Dowell (2010) acknowledged that investment in talent management can be very expensive at the initial stages even though its benefits may only come in the long term. It is for this reason that most stakeholders have often refused to support the idea of financing talent…
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Discussion: Stakeholder Buy - In
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School: Topic: Discussion: Stakeholder Buy-In Lecturer: Silzer & Dowell acknowledged that investment in talent management can be very expensive at the initial stages even though its benefits may only come in the long term. It is for this reason that most stakeholders have often refused to support the idea of financing talent management within their organizations. Should the stakeholders be educated on the important role that talent management plays in organizational strategy, they will be convinced to agree to buy into the idea of investing into talent management, no matter how expensive the initial cost of it may seem to be. In the first place, I would educate the stakeholders on the fact that talent management aids in getting the right data for all staff within the organization (Johnson, 2010). Such data concerns the individual competences, unique talents, motivational incentives, and other forms of personal cultural attributes that makes it possible to assign the right roles at the workplace, whiles ensuring that the right form of training which leads to growth is delivered.
I shall also educate the stakeholders on the important role that talent management plays in ensuring that employees are well engaged in organizational activity. This is often achieved because as part of talent management, the employees must be given sufficient room to practice what they are good at, since practice yields perfection (Johnson, 2010). Meanwhile, the importance of employee engagement in leading to growth and innovation at the workplace has been well documented in literature. Ready & Conger (2007) emphasized that employee engagement ensures that the unique talents of employees are exhibited in an unrestricted and open ended atmosphere where each person gets the opportunity to bring on board their unique attributes. As much as such engagement promotes healthy competition, it also ensures that there is innovation among the employees (Silzer & Dowell, 2010).
Johnson, M. (2010). Honing a talent for retaining talent. Financial Executive, 26(5), 20-24.
Ready, D. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007). Make your company a talent factory. Harvard Business Review, 85(6), 68-77.
Silzer, R., & Dowell, B. E. (Eds.). (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Read More
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Discussion: Stakeholder Buy - In Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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