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Challenges in Global Business Enviroment - Research Paper Example

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The most famous product produced by the company is the coke drink. However, the company produces hundreds of other brands of beverages. For a long time, the coca-cola company has come under scrutiny for producing…
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Challenges in Global Business Enviroment
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that there have been many accusations against the company, coca-cola has always denied it saying that the drinks it produces do not have any harmful chemicals and that the drinks are consumer friendly. The company has always maintained that the accusations leveled against its products are false and unfounded. Such a response by such a big company is careless, irresponsible, and dangerous. For a company of its stature and standing, coca-cola should not deny such claims but investigate and ascertain the truth, then make the necessary rectifications. Denying the absence of harmful chemicals in the drinks is dangerous in the sense that such a statement jeopardizes the health of many people. Billions of people worldwide use the coca-cola products. This means that if the drinks have harmful chemicals, then the lives of so many people are in danger.
The coca-cola company should take responsibility of its products and make sure that healthy products are sold to the people. According to Laufer and Coombs (2006), companies are not supposed to underestimate the necessity of properly handling the product harm crises as documented to affect negatively the market share, stock prices, purchase intentions, sales of recalled products, and sales of other companies’ products among others. Concentrating on making huge profits at the expense of the health of consumers is an irresponsible and selfish act on the part of the company. This means that the company should stop denying the claims and start looking for ways to make its products safer.
This marketing plan for the giant soft drink company Coca-Cola Company is based on thorough research of the internal and external environment of the company. Being the largest soft drink industry in the world, coca-cola enjoys large market share. Coca-cola Company dominates over 50% of the world market. It has witnessed tremendous growth because of carbonated soft drink business. The main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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