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Changing Employee Benefits at Longos - Assignment Example

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Longos took up the initiative of rebranding their employee benefits scheme so that it could be in compliance with the direction the company was taking and also to be contemporary with the current market trends of employee benefits. It is majorly beneficial to the employees since…
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Changing Employee Benefits at Longos
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Extract of sample "Changing Employee Benefits at Longos"

LECTURER: Question Longos took up the initiative of rebranding their employee benefits scheme so that it could be in compliance with the direction the company was taking and also to be contemporary with the current market trends of employee benefits. It is majorly beneficial to the employees since they feel part of the whole process because their feedback and opinions were considered when coming up with this benefits scheme. (McGraw-Hill Ryerson Videos, 2011) It is somehow tailor-made to fit their contemporary needs and also fit the company’s needs. The company too benefits in that by getting onboard the personnel to aid in designing the benefits scheme, they will feel rejuvenated and appreciated hence will fulfill their roles with new found passion and drive thus enabling the company realize new client markets and enhanced revenue precincts as a consequence of the extra input involved.
Question 2
When compared and to the recommendations in chapter eight, Longos approach to employee benefits was a very bold move given the challenges they experienced such as speaking of diverse languages and bringing together a workforce of approximately 2000 people to read from the same script. (McGraw-Hill Ryerson Videos, 2011) But through proper planning and involving the teams they were in a position to pull it off, and the personnel were content with the upshot of the rebranding of their benefits. Longos should always try and conduct trainings and create awareness for the employees so that they understand their benefits. It could be improved by conducting workshops and taking part in team building activities.
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Videos [Video file]. (2011, October 25). Retrieved from changing_employee_benefits_at_longos Read More
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