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Over the course of the past several years following the mainstreaming of human resource management practices, there has been considerable scholarly interest in the extent to which HRM has affected employees’ job satisfaction and general wellbeing. One of the key elements of…
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HR and performance, High-performance work system and big data
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Download file to see previous pages Many top organisational behaviour specialists believe that it can be relied on to provide companies that adopt it with a reliable and sustainable competitive edge. Given the popularity and endurance of the concept, it is understandable that it should be seen as a revolutionary method of handling human resources. In addition, quite a number or retrospective and contemporary studies posit that the effect of HRM on job satisfaction and, by extension, organisational performance is positive. However, this is not universal; some studies have portrayed job satisfaction as a primary mediator between HRM practices and organisational performance. On the other hand, others postulate that the implementation of HR practices is associated with increased levels of work intensity, which can translate into better performance but not necessarily higher job satisfaction (Green, 2004). There have also been claims that HRM practices that are adopted as part of high performance work system are not either designed to increase job satisfaction or tend not to have that effect (Appelbaum, 2002). However, some scholars have speculated that HRM tends to impact on separate components of job satisfaction such as a sense of achievement or contentment with ones pay (Green, 2006). However, what cannot be disputed is the fact that, despite the common assumption that HPWS are good for business, many organisations have failed to apply or implement them. This begs the question: If it is that good, why do more people not use it?
A great deal has been written about the HPWS in HMR literature, however, despite this, little attention is given to it individually even though it concerns organisational economic; critical area in general economics. High performance work systems can be defined as high involvement or commitment organisations; these use a distinctive managerial approach to facilitate performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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