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Develop the ability to minimize the risk of litigation - Essay Example

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As a human resource official tasked for designing of a recruitment plan that would increase minority representation in the fire department, my job description would involve recruiting individuals who commands, controls and disciplines employees and resources of the fire…
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Develop the ability to minimize the risk of litigation
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Download file to see previous pages Fifthly, I will select individuals who have the skills to investigate all cases of fire reported by civilians to the department in order to find the causes of various fire. Sixthly, I will select reputable individuals who have the capacity of maintaining the department image. Lastly, I will select individuals who maintain and inspects all machineries and equipment used for firefighting.
The essential elements of the job description will require selected individuals to attend various meetings and training sessions which will be conducted by the department. The individuals selected will also be expected to be clean of any felony charges or criminal histories. Thirdly, the selected individuals will also be required to obtain a drives license which should be clean from any suspension cases or revocations by the state for one reason or the other. Fourthly, the selected individuals are also expected to be available at their different work stations at all hours of the day without excuses or exceptions unless given permission by the persons in charge. Lastly, the selected individuals are expected to attend named associations and emergency meetings set up by the fire department.
Successful candidates selected by the fire department will be required to pass the following tests. They will be required to pass the written assessment exam which will be a test of their basic skills. Secondly, they will be required to pass the candidate physical ability test will have three stages and the applicants will be required to pass all the three stages. The first stage will involve creating awareness among the applicants of what is expected in the actual test. The second stage will be a copycat of the real test and applicants who pass the stage will be considered eligible for the last stage and the last stage will be the final test which will determine the ability of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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