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Proctor Hospital was a famous case that depicted the strict application of employment laws after the complainant, an employee, claimed that due to his service in the military the employer had discriminated him. According to his allegation, this was against the…
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Case Study - Employment Law - Employment Discrimination Case
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Employment Discrimination Case November 3, The Discrimination Case The Staub v. Proctor Hospital was a famous case that depicted the strict application of employment laws after the complainant, an employee, claimed that due to his service in the military the employer had discriminated him. According to his allegation, this was against the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. After the termination of his contract, the judges wanted to establish whether it could be a case of discrimination and hence a violation of the Act.
The evidence that was produced supported the case as it was clear that the complainant’s supervisor at the army reserves was normally harsh to him. They had both commented negatively towards him and it was evident that they were out to terminate his job and contract. Staub had earlier been made to check with his employer any time he left the job premises after false allegation that he had left the place of work. After some months, one of the supervisors maliciously reported Staub to the vice president for leaving the work area. This was followed by a discontinuation from his work by the vice president.
The evidence given made the jury to rule in the favor of the complainant but some time later the federal court reversed the ruling. In the ruling, the judges claimed that the decision made by the vice president was not solely dependent on the information given by the supervisors. This therefore ruled him out of the discrimination case. Therefore, the Court of Appeal concluded that the company was not liable. This ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court on the basis that the employer remains liable if the decision made is motivated by a discrimination bias. According to Guerin (2011), this ruling was therefore in favor of Staub and that served as a great motivation to employees going through the same. This Act is therefore important in safeguarding the rights of employees against discriminatory supervisors.
Guerin, L. (2011). Supreme Court victory for employees in discrimination case. Nolo’s Employment Law Blog. Retrieved from Read More
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