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Homework/Discussion 5 - Assignment Example

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If I want to select a sample of 30 participants from a total population of 2,700 using a systematic sampling method, I will begin by dividing the total population by the sample size i.e. 2,700/30=90. This implies that I will have to use an interval system in which I will have…
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Homework/Discussion 5
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Download file to see previous pages The system is good because it will help in ensuring that each and every participant is given equal chances of being selected to be part of the sample used to proportionately represent the entire population.
2. By having more females than males in the list of the participants, it implies that the population is not homogeneous. Thus, for me to give both the male and female participants an equal representation, I will use stratified random sampling procedure. Here, I will have to divide the entire population into strata comprising of the males and females. Such a grouping is good because it can help in promoting equal representation in each of the stratum. Therefore, after determining the total number of female participants, I will have to take their corresponding stratified random sample. Then, I take the stratified random sample for the males and combine them together to get the overall sample size that proportionately represents both the female and male strata. By following such a procedure, I will be giving each of the participants an equal chance of participation in the study.
3. If I selected a sample of 30 participants and subjected them to a survey on their attitude towards the new initiative, I will expect the following threats to internal validity of the design used: instrumentation, statistical regression and selection. Instrumentation threat will occur as a result of psychological instruments and the changes in the instruments used when conducting the study. The researcher will be directly involved in the collection of data in person. Statistical regression threat will be caused by the choice of a small number of sample size (30) to represent a larger population (2,700 participants). This is because one participant’s score will greatly impact on the overall score for the entire population. On the other hand, selection threats will e as a result of the differences ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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