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I would trust an external provider with my organization’s data because of the security and operational benefits that such an organization offer to data storage and management. External providers help in data management and their extensive systems protects data from…
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Journal Critique
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22 October ISOM Term Paper Trusting an External Provider I would trust an external provider with my organization’s data because of the security and operational benefits that such an organization offer to data storage and management. External providers help in data management and their extensive systems protects data from catastrophes, a factor that ensures data safety. External providers also have obligations to ensure product efficiency because of existing competition and this means reliability and effectiveness of rendered services. The need to satisfy customers, for customer retention, also motivates service providers to ensure security of customers’ data and this develops confidence in privacy. Constant security checks and initiatives for improving security would however be necessary to raise my trust in the reliability, security, and privacy of the data because of the significance of cyber crime that poses emerging techniques for security breach. Such periodic measures would indicate ability to detect and prevent or manage security threats.
Drawbacks of Using a Relatively Simple In-house Database versus SaaS
Cost of purchasing and maintaining storage devices and risk of data loss due to centralized storage are some of the drawbacks of a simple in-house database. Inefficiency of an in house system, due to lack of a motivated, committed, and competent workforce is another potential drawback that SaaS manages. The only major benefit of the in-house system is higher-level privacy but this can also be achieved in SaaS systems and external threats to security also exist against the in-house system. The disadvantages therefore outweigh the advantage and SaaS system is recommended.
Types of Applications for Purchase
Applications that organizations use on periodic basis and those that are too expensive to develop and manage should be purchased. Involved cost of developing and hosting the applications and required expertise explains this because a purchase would allow an organization to focus on its primary objectives. Read More
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