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Customer satisfaction could be attained only if the employees are satisfied and content with the job description, their working environment and compensation packages. In other words, customer…
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As we can see from the case study, Marilyn focuses on keeping its s satisfied. satisfaction could be attained only if the employees are satisfied and content with the job description, their working environment and compensation packages. In other words, customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employee satisfaction.
Marilyn must realize that monetary as well as non monetary benefits are very important in boosting up employees’ loyalty and satisfaction levels. The senior employees of the company must be given respect by the other employees and their experience must be appreciated. Moreover, Marilyn must increase the basic pay rate for its senior employees because the employees’ levels of motivation are lowering and they feel frustrated when they see that their seniority and high customer service is not recognized.
Marilyn must use performance based compensation plans for its employees. Those employees who provide high customer service on the basis of their skills and experience must have a higher pay scale. Marilyn could also consider giving away bonuses or commissions to the employees with more sales. As mentioned, non monetary benefits could also improve employees’ satisfaction levels. Marilyn could also announce the salesman of the month award for the employee who makes higher sales and satisfies his customers. This initiative will not only satisfy the longstanding employees but also create an environment of competition and motivation within the company.
Dessler, Gary & Cole, Nina. (2011). Human Resources Management. 11th ed. Toronto: Pearson Canada.  Read More
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