Designing a Leadership Development Plan - Assignment Example

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A 2008 study conducted by Oracle Corporation indicates that 36% of the organizations under that survey show confidence in having adequate capacity for…
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Designing a Leadership Development Plan
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Download file to see previous pages ice Waterhouse Coopers 2008/2009 report, 19% of the managers and 29% of company executives in various organizations are eligible for retirement in 2015. There is the need for adequate plans to replace these baby boomers without compromising organizational performance.
The mobile phone and electronics industry is becoming more competitive with time. With the establishment of more telecommunication firms, there is growing competition that requires a leadership approach in securing Samsung’s market share. The leadership strategy aims at mitigating the effects of business rivalry on the company’s revenue, and developing plans to expand the market share.
A labor-skills requirement manual helps in the assessment of leadership gaps in the organization. The human resource department prepares a skills inventory that takes consideration of the leadership capabilities of the workers. This achieves identification of leadership gaps in departments and workstations and helps in finding out the leadership skills or qualities that need improvement.
The involvement of employees in leadership surveys will provide valuable information for assessment of leadership needs. A questionnaire on desirable leadership qualities, styles, and capacity can be of great importance in providing information on leadership requirements of the organization. This may also help in identification of potential leaders in the organization for nurturing.
A review and analysis of Samsung’s revenue for the past three years will be helpful in understanding the influence of competition on the company. The trends in revenue in comparison with those of close competitors will provide insight on how Samsung is fairing on in the market. Customer satisfaction surveys will give a glimpse of the reality in how the market perceives Samsung’s products. The feedback from customers provides valuable information on the level of client satisfaction, loyalty, areas of dissatisfaction, and close substitutes they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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