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Whenever a person seeks for the job, one spends countless hours composing, polishing and editing the resume in hope to be seen and chosen by the company or organization. However, if the person just responds to an advertisement and does nothing else, he or she will probably wait…
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A cold way to get a job - Emerging Trend
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A COLD WAY TO GET A JOB - EMERGING TREND Whenever a person seeks for the job, one spends countless hours composing, polishing and editing the resume in hope to be seen and chosen by the company or organization. However, if the person just responds to an advertisement and does nothing else, he or she will probably wait for the chance to obtain that job for months or even never. This happens, because recruitment specialists and human resources staff, receiving hundreds of resumes for a certain position, often miss them, skip or simply throw away. Moreover, large and medium- size companies use applicant tracking systems to sort resumes long before the specialist of that company will examine them. For smaller organizations, the process of selecting the right candidate is much simpler as they review the resumes they receive until that time when they find the appropriate candidate for their position. Modern tracking systems are programmed the way that enable them to scan for keywords, former employers or the years of professional experience of the candidate. This help the companies to rank the applicants on the first step of the recruitment process. Those candidates who earned low scores do not pass on the next level. However, tracking system has its pitfalls. It sometimes misses the most- qualified candidate, because that person does not include the keywords from the job description. Moreover, the idea of the system is not in replacing the human screeners entirely. It simply allows the experts to narrow the field of search to the one that hiring manager can handle. In addition, the recruitment specialists state that the only successful method of getting a job for the candidate is to obtain the referral from a previous company employer. As it was stated before, small companies usually do not deal with tracking systems, but still the job seekers are often surprised when they do not hear back anything from small organizations. These companies rarely use an applicant-tracking system, as it is cost-effective, instead they use a well- trafficked job board to gather hundreds of responses.
To help the applicant to find the job of his or her dream, hiring specialists recommend different methods. Every job advertisement is different and it requires the applicant to make sure one understands each requirement. That is to read carefully the whole announcement to make sure one follows all the requirements to apply. What any tracking system and them hiring specialist would notice is the accuracy of the entered information. Here spell check and proofread are essential, as the least mistake can cost a person the chance to obtain a work. If there is a possibility to add certain information about the professional experience or any other skills, the person should fill it in the additional information field. In order to manage the application process, one should start it early so to be able to carefully and thoughtfully submit a good quality application on time. Names and contact information from the past supervisors will be helpful as well. For many employers, grade point average is also important especially if applicants apply for the first job in their life. Moreover, if the applicant has an experience of passing courses and other training, one should spend some extra minutes in order to list these courses that are relevant to the job one apply. When the candidate proposes several references, it creates a strong positive impression about him or her, as they can validate one’s work ethic and character. After build one’s resume, it is also important to make it searchable, because this will allow prospective employers to find one’s resume. Specialists recommend to upload Word and PDF versions of resume. A well- composed resume together with the cover letter, that contains relevant information about the applicant is the guarantee to be seen and doubles one’s chances to find a job. 
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