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Why the Market Leaders of Western Origin have to be Afraid of Newcomers from Emerging Economies - Essay Example

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Western countries are facing huge problems as result of the recent global financial crisis. At the same time emerging economies such as India, Brazil, China, Russia Korea etc are escaped from the recession problems up to certain extent. …
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Why the Market Leaders of Western Origin have to be Afraid of Newcomers from Emerging Economies
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Extract of sample "Why the Market Leaders of Western Origin have to be Afraid of Newcomers from Emerging Economies"

Download file to see previous pages America and European countries are still struggling to overcome the challenges caused by recent recession. Many of the prominent companies in America such as Lehman Brothers and Bank of America collapsed many other companies are on the verge of destruction. The case is not much different in Europe also. Many of the European companies were acquired by the business organizations from the emerging world. Earlier global wealth was concentrated in the less populated western world. However, as a result of globalization, global wealth is now shifting towards the densely populated Asian region. In other words, Asian region and some other parts of the world are progressing rapidly whereas Western countries are exhausting. According to the views of many scholars, India and China would be the superpowers which control global matters in near future itself. In American medias, the discussion has already started about who is going to dominate the world - India or China- in the coming years. Market leaders of the western world are worried about the new situations developing. It should be noted that Chinese products are dominating global market at present because of the cheaper prices. On the other hand products from the developed world are struggling to compete with the products from the emerging world, especially from China. ...
Ford and Tata have agreed on long term cooperation plans in regards to the supply of engines, stampings and other components to Jaguar Land Rover (Official handing over ceremony held). It should be noted that India was once the colony of Britain. A couple of decades before, it was unimaginable for the British people to think about a scenario in which an Indian company acquiring a British company. TATA group did exactly that. Instead of one, they acquired two British companies in a deal. TATA is the prestigious automaker in India whereas Land Rover and jaguar are iconic symbols for the British. Many of the British firms started to think that if an Indian firm is able to buy Jaguar and Land Rover like British firms, their survival could be in jeopardy. India in the past and India at present are entirely different. India struggled to develop properly in the past because of the growing population. China also faced similar situations in the past. However, these countries succeeded in converting their big curse (growing population) in to big blessing in the recent past. Currently these countries are the supplier of manpower to the Western countries like America, Britain, Germany, Australia etc which are struggling to find enough manpower for executing essential works in their countries. America companies are currently outsourcing jobs worth billions of dollars to India like merging countries. President Obama is trying hard to stop the capital outflow from American soil to emerging world. America has already realized the dangers associated with the outsourcing of American jobs. It should be noted that American companies are saving billions of dollars yearly as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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