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I can also address employees’ needs and offer my personal opinions to the top management. I would advise the upper management to address employees’…
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HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive
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Case: HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive In the first scenario, I have the alternatives of educating employees about unions and opposing the union organizing drive. I can also address employees’ needs and offer my personal opinions to the top management. I would advise the upper management to address employees’ needs and educate them about unions. By addressing employees’ needs, the workers will not require unions (Budd, 2010). The workers will have enough and correct information before deciding to join a union.
In the second scenario, I have the alternative of telling the NLRB on the need for secret ballot elections to recognize the union as the bargaining representative of Zinnia workers (Budd, 2010). I also have the alternative of informing the employees on the company’s position regarding the union organizing drive. I will advise the top management to establish personal contacts with the workers and report on the employee conversation. The top management will convince employees to stop signing union cards and vote against the union in case of elections.
In the third scenario, I have the alternative of telling the Association to call for secret ballot elections under NLRB to allow the school board to recognize the union (Budd, 2010). I will advise the school board to establish personal contacts with the teachers and campaign against the union. The school board will be able to identify and address the teachers’ needs and convince them to vote against the union during the elections.
In the fourth scenario, I have the alternative of appealing the results of elections with the NLRB. I have the alternative of giving the correct figures of the salaries for Woodville’s top executives (Budd, 2010). I will advise the top management to petition the NLRB that the misstatement by the union influenced the election outcomes. The top management will convince the NLRB to cancel the results and order for a re-election that Woodville might win.
Budd, J. (2010). Labor Relations: Striking a Balance, 3rd edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishers. Read More
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