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This will help in acquiring the required knowledge needed to manage people. In my senior year, I will get involved in internship programs, volunteer work, and summer jobs in order to…
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Assignment #3 335
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HUMAN RESOURCES al Affiliation Career Planning Timeline While in school, I will enroll in s that major in human resources and business management. This will help in acquiring the required knowledge needed to manage people. In my senior year, I will get involved in internship programs, volunteer work, and summer jobs in order to get the necessary work experience and in order to develop a network of contacts who will act as mentors in this career field (Carter, 2009). During this time, I will learn effective job search skills that will include writing cover letters and resumes, and how to handle interviews. I will start to conduct a thorough job search campaign through the internet and through my network of people.
Three months after my graduation at around age 23, I intend to start my first job as a human resource assistant officer on probation basis. After one and a half years, I intend to advance to the position of the human resource officer and two years later to the human resource manager position.
Family Career Timeline
At the age of 23 years I intend to exit my parents’ household because I intend to reside in school during the school term and stay at home during the holidays. During my life at school I intend to search for my life partner. At the age of 24 years, I hope to have located my life partner and get married at this age. At the age of 26 years I will have my first child, my second child at the age of 28 years, my third child at the age of 30 years. My parents will need me to provide care for them at the age of 70 years. I will put them in the elderly home so that they get the best attention and medical treatment that they require. I and my family will be visiting them every week so that they do not feel abandoned.
Conflict between career and family timelines
Looking at the two timelines, there may be conflict in balancing between taking care of my family and advancing in my career. When I intend to advance in my job is the period in which I intend to start a family. There is a high risk that I may not be able to perform my family or parental role as expected.
There may also be tension between my career and my partner’s career especially if we find ourselves in a position where one person has to move because of the other person’s career in order to keep the young family intact.
If I have already established my career and find my life partner, it is not certain that the two careers will be in harmony. This is because there is a high possibility that we will not be in the same career or work for the same company, therefore, changes can be expected. There is a high possibility that one of us will be transferred as we go through changes in our careers. In a case where I find myself in a situation where I have to move for the sake of my partner’s career, this decision will be determined by a number of factors. The most crucial factor is the interest of the children if at this time we will be having children. If the children will be better off in the other location then I would move. Another factor will be comparing my career and my partner’s career to determine which has more potential in terms of financial benefit and a possibility of career advancement. Overall this decision will come down to what I and my partner agree as being the best decision. If in another scenario my career peaks when my parents need care, I will not be in a position to take care of them. I believe that by this time, I will need to concentrate on my work to be able to also provide the medical attention needed. At this time, I will take them to a home where they will receive all the care which they need.
When my career peaks at the time when my children are young, I expect this to negatively affect my parental role performance because I will not have as much time as I want to spend time with my children. I will have to balance between my career and my family. A good example is by giving all the attention when I am at home and as much as possible try to avoid carrying office work at home.

Carter, G. W., Cook, K. W., & Dorsey, D. W. (2009). Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees. Chicester: Wiley. Read More
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