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The success of such an individual depends on his knowledge, skills, and tasks in a given organization. HRD skills include good…
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Assignment #3 480
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Job Analysis for an HRD Practitioner Skills: The roles of HRD practitioner are grouped into three major areas: consultancy, activities related to learning and management of HRD. The success of such an individual depends on his knowledge, skills, and tasks in a given organization. HRD skills include good communication skills which enhance fruitful relationship with his colleagues, clear thinking in order to make amicable decisions, and good in enhancing participatory practices in an organization (Hytonen, 2002). A good HRD practitioner should also advocate social interactions by listening to other people’s ideas without interrupting alongside delivering in a given organization.
Knowledge: HRD practitioner should portray that is knowledgeable. He or she must portray the knowledge of overcoming special challenges that are common in the working environment, carrying out complicated tasks, as well as understanding the process of change in the working environment. Additionally, HRD practitioner should have a good understanding of job learning strategies as well as management strategies (Hytonen, 2002).
Task: The tasks of HRD practitioner are diverse. They range from training colleagues in an organization to being active in seminars. It is also the responsibility of HRD practitioner to enhance team work, provide internal consultancy, mentor other workers, and coach other employees. Apart from advocating job rotation, HRD practitioner also facilitates the success of special projects and carries out special assignments and excursions (Hytonen, 2002). Additionally, it is the responsibility of the HRD practitioner to ensure that an organization’s objectives have been achieved. He or she achieve these enhancing social interactions between colleagues and customers, as well as maintaining and developing the knowledge and skills of people working in his or her organization.
Hytonen T. (2002). Exploring the Practice of Human Resource Development as a Field of Professional Expertise. Retrieved from Read More
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Assignment #3 480 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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