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Moreover, the case helps in pointing out various aspects that make it impossible for some of the people to get jobs. The plaintiff is opposed to the…
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Jacob Bradley v. City of Lynn
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Jacob Bradley v. of Lynn Case Jacob Bradley v. of Lynn Case The case between Jacob Bradley versusthe City of Lynn highlights various issues that occur in the hiring process of workers. Moreover, the case helps in pointing out various aspects that make it impossible for some of the people to get jobs. The plaintiff is opposed to the cognitive ability examination as it is seen as discrimination towards getting a job (Case3.5). In ruling, the court notes that the examination had a negative impact on employment of Black and Hispanic candidates. The selection process was also noted as not being job related. In this paper, I will offer my opinion on the ruling and the hiring process as well as the possible judgment in an ethical manner.
According to this article, discrimination is seen in that cognitive test are carried out but the outcome is subjected to the individuals’ race and in this case is subjected to black and Hispanic applicants, residents and non-residents. I do agree with the district court that discrimination is shown on cognitive tests since less black and Hispanic applicants qualify for the positions. In order to come up with valid results, other tests should be used to avoid disparities.
The cognitive test exam had serious problems. One of the significant problems was it lack of relevance to the jobs. Therefore, even after an individual passed in the test, it was in no way applicable to the job in the fire department. Secondly, the test lacked consistency to job necessity. Hence, it acted as discrimination towards employment to those that failed the test.
Ethically, the district court should come up with reliable rules governing hiring, firing and promoting employees to improve an organizations performance.
Case 3.5. Bradley, J. (2006).City of Lynn.43f Read More
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