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The paper "Port Authority Transit Corporation Strike" discusses the ethical side of the issue of the strike of the air traffic controllers and President Reagan's decision to fire the striking air traffic controllers. The writer also discusses the reasons for this event…
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Port Authority Transit Corporation Strike
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Port ity Transit Corporation Strike Was it ethically acceptable for the air traffic controllers to Strike? I think the decision to strike wasnot an ethical one at all. This is because by going on strike these workers endangered the lives of many people traveling by air. Before being getting the job, these workers knew that the job was critical for many lives depended on them. Apart from being aware of how demanding the job is, they also knew that they were working under the US federal government thus; it was against the law for them to go on strike (Northrup, 1984). Since these employees defied the law and went ahead with the strike, it, therefore, implies that they also went against the president of the US. This is because the employees worked under the federal government managed by the president. Hence, in my opinion, this strike was not ethical.
Was it ethically acceptable for President Reagan to fire the striking air traffic controllers?
In my opinion, firing the air traffic controllers was an ethical thing to do. This is because not only did they put the lives of many citizens in danger but they also went against the president. One reason why the air controllers went on strike is that they had the perception that they were highly dependable and by going on strike they though that they would receive attention (McCartin, 2011). The other reason why I believe President Reagan's decision to sack the controllers is because they declined his humble request that they return to work. By refusing to return to work, these workers went against the president hence giving him no other choice but to fire all of them before hiring retirees and military controllers to take over the jobs left vacant (Northrup, 1984).
McCartin, J. A. (2011). Collision course: Ronald Reagan, the air traffic controllers, and the strike that changed America. New York: Oxford University Press.
Northrup, H. R. (1984). “The Rise and Demise of PATCO.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Read More
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