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The author of this assignment "Evaluating Learner Performance: Appreciative Inquiry" aims to critique the newborn approach to the human resources evaluation. The main criticism that arises from the appreciative inquiry theory is that it overlooks and even ignores problems…
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Evaluating Learner Performance: Appreciative Inquiry
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Evaluating Learner Performance
An Overview of AI in Evaluation
Appreciative inquiry or AI is a new asset based method in the field of organizations change and development. It mainly aims in identifying what the organization already have and modify it further to develop a better future. Instead of other development approaches by organizations like Total Quality Management, Balance score Card or Continuous Quality Improvement, Appreciate Inquiry looks at the challenges, concerns and issues in a different way. When a problem occurs, instead of finding the root of the situation, it tries to find the process that is working properly in spite of either deviation. They focus on how the organization will react if “the best of it” occur more frequently.
Appreciative theory believes in actual experience and its positive impact on confidence, commitment and affirmation. The participants become more inspired and engage toward their work with perfection while having a positive experience.
Proponents also mentioned that the Appreciative Inquiry is not a technique or tool for organizational development but it is a philosophy which when works in association with the orientation to change can significantly reshape the organizational practice of learning and development. It is also termed as an alternative approach that put its focus on the affirming success factor for strategic planning and reconstructing the organizational design and interventions.
The main criticism that arises against the appreciative inquiry theory is that it overlooks and even ignores problems. However it is not exactly true. It does try to solve the issues by reframing the whole process while focusing on its success in long run (Coghlan, Preskil & Tzavaras, 2003).
Coghlan, A., Preskil, H., & Tzavaras, T. (2003). An Overview of Appreciative Inquiry in Evaluation (1st ed., p. 3). Retrieved from Read More
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