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It was thus, the duty and responsibility of the ethics and compliance director to take care of the ethical practices and policies that…
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Organization Justice , Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility
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Winning Practices Winning Practices This article is about the management of ethics in The Exelon Corporation which was a company formed when two electric utility companies merged. It was thus, the duty and responsibility of the ethics and compliance director to take care of the ethical practices and policies that would govern the company. As the merger involved two big companies and ethical issues in such companies is quite common, the ethics director got actively involved in the emphasis on ethics. This was also important because customers bring business to the industry and if the company practices unethically, the customers would be dissatisfied and would take their business elsewhere (Greenberg, 2010).
There are many steps that are taken to manage ethics in the company. Firstly, the code of ethics is designed and practiced efficiently. The code of ethics is the first most important aspect which has to be covered by any company. It is a document which sets up and monitors the ethical practices of the organization. This code of ethics are reviewed by a committee on a regular basis and checked. Secondly it is essential to ensure that the employees understand the code of ethics and thus the company trains and educates its employees for ethical behavior and gives them the potential to understand the meaning of the code of ethics (Suhonen, 2011). Thirdly, the company provides their employee with the facility of reporting complains and ethical issues wherever they occur.
In order to ensure that a company is managing ethics and operating ethically, these three important steps must be taken. These steps would help in establishing organizational ethics which are understandable by every employee and the employees have the surety that all their complaints will be heard and resolved. With such policies and ethical practices, all companies can successfully enact ethically and solve all ethical challenges that come their way.
Greenberg, J. (2010). Behavior in Organizations. Prentice Hall
Suhonen R. (2011). Organizational Ethics: a literature review. Nursing Ethics Read More
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