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Comparison of training and development programs implemented in National Oil Corporation & Arabian Gulf Oil Company for the fresh graduate nationals - Research Proposal Example

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This project is taken up to compare the training and development programs of two of the largest oil and natural gas companies, namely National Oil Corporation and Arabian Gulf Oil Company in Libya. The energy sector is the most important sector of Libyan economy and improvement…
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Comparison of training and development programs implemented in National Oil Corporation & Arabian Gulf Oil Company for the fresh graduate nationals
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Download file to see previous pages The research is intended to be a qualitative one that will answer the research question based on focused group interviews with the respondents. The answers obtained from the primary research will be compared and contrasted with the previous research work of other researchers to improve the validity of the results.
This research will be helpful for both the oil and gas companies of Libya by allowing them to understand the effectiveness of the training programs in terms of improving performance of the employees. Broadly speaking all the companies of the energy sector in Libya can benefit from this research.
Human resource challenge remains one of the most pertinent challenges faced by developing countries and hinders their progress and growth relative to developed countries. Researchers have pointed out that the industrial sector of the developing countries is characterized by lower levels of productivity and efficiency compared to the developing countries. The works of Agnaia (1996) had revealed that developing countries are in extreme need of training and development programs of management. Training and development programs help in improving the skills and knowledge of employees and enhance their productivity levels. This paper deals with two major oil corporations of Libya. The National Oil Corporation is a part of oil and gas industry and is an oil company of Libya. The oil industry of Libya is dominated by this company and even along with its small subsidiaries accounts for almost 70% of the total oil production of the company. The company recruits qualified and bright candidates to form a part of their executive cadre (Inkpen and Moffett, 2011). The Arabian Gulf Oil Company is another company in the oil and gas industry which have their operations in Benghazi, Libya. The company mainly deals with natural gas and crude oil. The operations they include are production, exploration and refining. It is a subsidiary of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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