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Workers compensation - Research Paper Example

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Workers have the right to receive protection and compensation from any work related risks, and this has demanded that employers keenly look into ways and mechanisms of ensuring safety for the worker…
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Workers compensation
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Download file to see previous pages The wordings alone “workers compensation” have a lot to showcase a reaction that is usually negative. The negativity in it is a challenge to all stakeholders involved in the system. Insurance is involved, and as understood, it is also a business entity. The company as well is another business entity. Furthermore, the worker wants to gain from the company. It is therefore an interesting situation on how all these stakeholders play part in achieving a balanced interest that would act for the benefit of all. Challenges cannot be ruled out since this is a society of politics, but all in all, the worker has to receive his fair share of compensation.
Workers compensation is a program that protects workers who are injured while on duty. The program comprises of laws that are designed to ensure that employees who are injured or get disabled while working are compensated with fixed monetary awards. The laws also provide benefits to the dependents of those who get injured as a result of work related accidents. Compensation has been defined as the payment of damages with an aim of restoring the life of a plaintiff to its normal state or as close as possible. Therefore, it has to include cover for the payment of damages, payment for medical treatment, and loss of wages (Lencsis, 1998).
Workers compensation revolves around the fact that the employer pays for all injuries to employees no matter the fault. As suggested by Wertz and Bryant, “this concept is based on the opinion that the society has a moral responsibility to care for workers injured at work and their families” (2000, p. 2). Before the introduction of the workers compensation plan, workers suffering from work related injuries could sue their employers through the courts of law. This procedure was time consuming and expensive. The employees could also easily loose the court cases since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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