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The Employment Relationship, Employment Discrimination and Employment Regulation - Assignment Example

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This essay is a discussion about different dilemmas associated with the sensitive issue of employment. The aim of the essay is to build awareness among the readers regarding complex standoffs and dilemmas involved in employment, ignorance from which may lead to harrowing scenarios…
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The Employment Relationship, Employment Discrimination and Employment Regulation
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Download file to see previous pages This essay is to build awareness among the readers regarding complex standoffs and dilemmas involved in employment, ignorance from which may lead to harrowing scenarios.
Mostly, an employment relationship is a contractual or legal link between employers and employees. All the reciprocal rights, obligations and disciplinary principles decided between employers and workers originate from the foundation of the employment relationship. The existence of an employment liaison is the condition that determines the way labor and social security law provisions addressed to employees can be applied. The importance of this relationship can be judged by the fact that it is the key reflective point for determining the nature and extent of employers rights and obligations towards their workers. With the growing incidents of inconveniences faced by workers all over the globe owing to the ambiguities related to the privacy and termination issues involved in the nature of this relationship, this issue has bagged more and more important in the workplaces. It goes without saying that the root cause of the mounting misunderstandings between employers and employees is the disguised nature of the employment relationship. The most basic privacy rights of workers that need to be handled carefully include the right to protect the privacy of social security numbers, personnel records, telephonic conversations and the right to disallow listening to all electronic communication systems. Furthermore, many federal and statutory laws emphasize on protecting the privacy of employees’ medical records and information and background screening. Background screening actually identifies different background checks and records that are required by some employers as a part of workers recruiting process. An employer is not allowed to probe endlessly into the worker’s private issues in life. Different state laws and employment legislatures restrict the type of background information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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