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In the helping environment, the professionals now have to specialize in a less general area. This is due to the diversity of the client base in terms of…
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UNIT 6 Seminar Legal & Ethical Isuues
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Consultant and professional client relationship al affiliation The professional consultancy practice always present challenges both to the particular consultant and the professional client. In the helping environment, the professionals now have to specialize in a less general area. This is due to the diversity of the client base in terms of different problems that may need different specialities. Due to this challenge a need for consultation on how to face the diversity arises and the professional client approaches a professional consultant in the helping environment. This poses several issues that must be critically addressed.
Since the two parties are both professionals, the consultant must have a general view of addressing the challenges. Value conflicts are evident in this kind of consultation and the human service practitioner can respond to this by first understanding the different values recognized by his client and harmonizing the same with what he/she upholds. This will put the two parties at a level ground to start their discussion.
The professional human service provider must understand the different cultures of his/her client base and how they affect the consultation process. This enables the practitioner to appreciate the multicultural diversity.
The professional client and the consultant have different levels of competency in the field, an issue that should carefully be addressed. The human service provider must establish the level of competency of the client in order not to be limited in terms of the consultation services to provide. This will positively influence the relationship of the two parties making the client to be sure that his/her professional challenges can be addressed amicably by the consultant.
The social aspect of the two parties is a crucial area that also needs to be addressed. This is best checked by assessing the relationship between the human service provider and the diversified client base. The service provider should have a sound understanding of the extent to which consultant-client relationship should or should not exceed.
Corey, G., Corey, M. S., & Callanan, P. (1998). Issues and ethics in the helping professions. Cengage. Read More
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