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UNIT 6 Discussion Legal & Ethical Isuues - Research Paper Example

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For professionals in human services, supervision facilitates development of skills through promotion of supervisee growth and advancement; protection of client’s welfare; monitoring the performance of the supervisee while serving as a profession’s gatekeeper; and empowering…
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UNIT 6 Discussion Legal & Ethical Isuues
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UNIT 6 Discussion Legal & Ethical Issue of affiliation Supervision and consultation (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2011)
For professionals in human services, supervision facilitates development of skills through promotion of supervisee growth and advancement; protection of client’s welfare; monitoring the performance of the supervisee while serving as a profession’s gatekeeper; and empowering supervisee to self-supervision and becoming an independent professional.
Supervisor is not just an overseer but also provides educative, supportive, and administrative roles. This way, supervision emphasizes maintenance of good work standards, provision of educational development to each individual, and sustenance of good working relationships. The supervisor has then consults with experts as indication of responsibility to offer high quality care for client.
The two methods of supervision are involuntary supervision and consultative supervision. Involuntary supervision involves a situation where the supervisor is powerful enough to evaluate and decide on issues related to appointment, firing, endorsement, and remunerations as well as education and support. Conversely, consultative supervision involves a supervisee hiring a supervisor for guidance in clinical work. Whether involuntary or consultative, the supervisor must offer competent services to their clients through trust and shared meaning.
Some legal and ethical issues of supervision are confidentiality and privacy, straightforward and explicit liability, warning duty; avoid dual relationships, and ethical decision making.
As a consultant for a mental health center, the considerations to determining my ability to serve competently include specialized training, determine knowledge in the mental health field, and evaluate my personal abilities like empathy, honesty, respect, supportive, capability to confront, and promotion of supervisee growth and advancement (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2011). The consultative supervision would involve professional disclosure statement to promote discussion through informed consent. To promote mutually beneficial and satisfactory consultative relationships, I will devote time and effort to the relationship, grow the relationship through demonstration of integrity, professionalism, and proficiency, identify and approach multifaceted relationships uniquely, take time to know the client and define operational values to operate within and emphasize communication.

Corey, G., Corey, M. S., & Callanan, P. (2011). Issues and ethics in the helping professions. Belmont, California: Brooks/Cole. Read More
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