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Answer 10 questions by use this book (Career Management 4 ,Jeffrey H/Gerard A/Veronica M) - Assignment Example

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Question 1: Everyone requires a happy and satisfied life; a career is a fundamental part of life that contributes to the happiness and satisfaction of life. Employees deserve happiness and satisfaction in their work places in order to achieve progress of their careers. The…
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Answer 10 questions by use this book (Career Management 4 ,Jeffrey H/Gerard A/Veronica M)
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Extract of sample "Answer 10 questions by use this book (Career Management 4 ,Jeffrey H/Gerard A/Veronica M)"

Download file to see previous pages Experienced and qualified employees deserve commensurate promotions. This way, the organization preserves their employees thus enhancing the productivity of the organization. This way, the organization creates opportunity for employees to develop their careers within the organization. By rewarding both experience and professionalism, the organizational structure permits the integration between career and succession (Greenhaus, Gerard, and Veronica 32).
Question 2: Understanding career development is essential to the management of an organization since it helps the management plan the operations of the organization thus its profitability. The need for career development enhances the productivity of an organization. As such, the management must carry out an extensive evaluation of their employees with the view of determining those deserving of career development. This way, the management permits a number of employees to further their education while in some extreme cases the management can sponsor the courses thus taking a part in improving the quality of their human resources. This acts as a vital employee motivation thus improving their productivity in the organization. The need to understanding career development should compel he management to conform its operations to the prevailing theories and techniques of improving the quality of its human resources. This way, the organization implements the most cost effective ways of developing the career of its employees.
Question 3: Career development is indeed a personal responsibility that requires adequate resources in order to ensure that one achieves his or her career goals. Employees should for example plan their time in order to continue earning a living by working in their current positions while furthering their education. Improving the quality of technical skills is among the most fundamental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer 10 Questions by Use This Book (Career Management 4 ,Jeffrey Assignment.
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