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One of the skills that I have learned from composition-1 that I feel will be very useful in my future career as a human resources manager is managing. I have learned how to prioritize tasks through setting out clear goals and organizing my work schedule in order to complete all…
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Reflecting Lecturer: Reflecting on managing my time skill Introduction One of the skills that I have learned from composition-1 that I feel will be very useful in my future career as a human resources manager is managing. I have learned how to prioritize tasks through setting out clear goals and organizing my work schedule in order to complete all the expected tasks within the required deadline. Developing time management skills during composition-1 was challenging, but I was able to understand how I am supposed to use my time wisely in order to complete all the expected work (Forsyth 30).
Composition-1 enabled me identify my strategies of managing my time and weaknesses in time management such as procrastination. However, I attained this skill through developing a plan of study time and adequate rest breaks that allowed me to concentrate during my work and avoid any distractions (Forsyth 39). In this case, I will capable of utilizing the library for my study since it offered me ambient environment that is free from noise distractions.
A core aspect in managing my time is prioritization of tasks depending on their urgency and importance and I was capable of understanding that important tasks must be granted first priority and most of the time must be devoted towards handling the important tasks that bring the highest benefits to the company (Forsyth 56). In addition, the learning guided me in breaking down tasks so as to accomplish each activity in a progressive manager. This aspect will be useful in my future career since the human resources management functions such as interviewing, recruitment and training are sequential and must be accomplished in a certain progressive pattern that will enable the company to have talented employees (Forsyth 45).
Furthermore, I learnt that procrastination hinders time management due to fear of handling the challenging tasks thus leading to time wastage. I believe I will be capable of control distractions such as politics, informal chats and discussions and engage in more challenging work of managing the human resources (Forsyth 67).
I have acquired knowledge of how to schedule tasks, set deadlines, avoid stress and persevere by having a positive attitude in my work. In this case, I can schedule the tasks, set challenging and attainable goals, and remain committed to meeting the set deadlines without encountering work-related stress in my career (Forsyth 82). I believe success in my future career will require me to remain assertive and stress-free in handling human resources issues.
Composition-1 has taught me the importance of starting early and having the right resources in management of time. In this case, I was capable of finding all the required study resources in databases in good time in order to ensure an early start and avoid challenges such as procrastination and wastage of time (Forsyth 76). I believe, managing my time skill will enable me adequately perform my duties as a human resources manager due to the ability to anticipate changes in the employment law, economic changes and demographic changes in order to implement the righty employment policies.
Composition-1 has enabled me develop skills that will be useful in my academic and future career as a human resources manager. Accordingly, I have been capable of identifying my weaknesses in time management and learning how to prioritize tasks, prepare work schedules and work towards meeting the deadlines and attaining the expected goals. This skill will enable me to save time, focus on the most urgent and important tasks and attain more control of my work as a human resources manager.
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Forsyth, Patrick. (2010). Successful time management. London: Kogan Page. Read More
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Reflecting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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