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HRM INCIDENT 1 - Should He Be Fired - Case Study Example

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This may be at any time, with or without any reason. Termination for cause can occur in situations such as violation of the company’s code of conduct or policy, failure to follow the company’s policy, violence…
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HRM INCIDENT 1 - Should He Be Fired
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"HRM INCIDENT 1 - Should He Be Fired"

Download file to see previous pages There are certain situations that an employer needs critically to evaluate before deciding whether to fire or discipline an employee (Paetkau, 2007). Firing an employee means that an employee has to leave his or her job, while disciplining might mean suspending the employee with or without pay or resorting to corrective action based on the offence.
Toni Berdit, area supervisor for Quick-Stop, a chain of convenience stores in Washington D.C was on his normal supervisory duty on one of the Sundays in the Center Street Store. According to the company’s policy, when the safe is being emptied, the manager has to be present, and the employee present has to place each $ 1000 in a brown bag and leave it on the floor next to the safe until the manager checks to be sure that the amount is accurate. That day Bill decided to save the supervisor’s time, as he was not there when the safe was being emptied; so he had counted the money before he arrived. The store got busy, and Bill accidentally mistook one of the moneybags for a bag that contained the customer’s groceries while packing, so he put the money in with the groceries. The supervisor arrived later on, and after noticing the money was missing, they began searching. Lucky enough the customer came back and handed the bag of money. Bill had violated the money-counting procedure, so he was prior to losing his job. He complained to Toni how this would have a bad impact on his family and even promised to be the best store manager they could ever get in case he’s not fired. Toni then called his boss and after his approval, Bill was not fired.
I agree with Toni’s decision of not firing Bill. This is because although the company’s policy was to terminate anyone who violated the procedure, it happened once and for the first time. Firing employees is not healthy for an organization because if Bill were fired, the company would have been forced to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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