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Employee Healthcare benefit is a proven way of keeping employees glued to the organization and is a resource of itself to an organization. It is natural that individuals are motivated whenever they…
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Describing the dilemma faced by the industy relative to health care benefits
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Dilemma Concerning Health Care Benefits Dilemma Concerning Health Care Benefits Introduction Today’s business demands proper protection of the interests of the employees. Employee Healthcare benefit is a proven way of keeping employees glued to the organization and is a resource of itself to an organization. It is natural that individuals are motivated whenever they believe they are working in conditions that are secure or those that put their health at their heart. Thus, most organizations, especially those operating in high-risk environments have been faced by a massive dilemma on whether to run the cost of maintaining proper healthcare to their employees or to risk losing them all together. Healthcare benefit plans hence vary with states or organizations.
With the dynamic business environment, most organizations have resorted to technology to fight for their lives in the highly competitive markets and industries. However, the best way to keep being relevant in a business is always through having the best human resource. The best human resource is that which is healthy, innovative and highly motivated to execute the endeavors of the organization. Long-term profits are ensured by proper medical plans to an organization’s employees (Wurman, 2004).
Every organization rates their risky situations differently. Generally, a sound healthcare plan encompasses; services of the ambulance, emergency, health cure, mental healthcare services, maternity, newborn care services, drug and substance abuse, guidance and counseling among others. In addition, varying healthcare insurance plans such as Health Maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations in varying proportions provide the healthcare cover to organizations (Wurman, 2004).
The benefits of provision of healthcare benefits to employees are numerous. Manufacturing organizations for instance operate in highly risky environment. Employees in such organizations therefore are prone to injuries. The best way to keep the best human resource in such a risky environment is by instilling a motivating factor. Being healthy and assured of health benefits is a motivating factor to individuals. Employees are easily motivated to industriously work hard and take risks whenever need be. Risk taking assists in innovation and creativity (Clemens, Cutler, & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013). This, in turn improves the profitability of the organization. Organizations with employees having health covers always have their human resource intact as they only occasionally lose their employees to sick leaves.
An organization is better placed in acquiring the best employees if it has a beneficial healthcare scheme. Qualified individuals will always rush to organizations with better healthcare plans. Having the best human resource in an industry is essential in fighting competition from rival firms with averagely qualified employees. Much as healthcare service provision to employees might seem expensive to organizations in a short term, it is very beneficial in the end. In situations that an organization loses employees to accidents occasionally, or losing its best employees to rival firms can be very costly to an organization in the long term planning. Employee engagement is also important to firms (Clemens, Cutler, & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013). Team work results in creativity. An organization can only be assured of teamwork if its employees are motivated and are willing to work not for their own benefits but to achieve the goals of the organization.
Based on the above discussion, it is clear that organizations put themselves in unnecessary dilemma on deciding whether to protect or not to protect the health of their employees. The answer is clear, protect the health of employees in any organization and get the best in the end or avoid it to get the worst possible results in the long-term business plan. This feasible solution ensures that employees realize that they are valued by the organization.
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Wurman, R. (2004). Understanding Healthcare. New York: Serigraph publishers. Read More
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