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Purpose and Importance of Induction, Training and Appraisal in a Business Today To Ensure an Effective Workforce - Assignment Example

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This paper illustrates that managers in any industry sector including the hotel or hospitality sector have the need to get well acquainted with the purpose and the importance of induction and training along with appraisal ineffective workforce management…
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Purpose and Importance of Induction, Training and Appraisal in a Business Today To Ensure an Effective Workforce
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Extract of sample "Purpose and Importance of Induction, Training and Appraisal in a Business Today To Ensure an Effective Workforce"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that staff induction programs are designed with the intention to provide an overview of the working conditions along with core values and ethics of the business to the new joiners. It is vital for the companies in the sense that it ensures the new employees to get quickly acquainted with the working process of the business along with performing as per their skills and competencies as early as possible. This aspect is also deemed to be quite relevant in the hospitality sector where effective and proactive operations of the employees further set the overall image of the company in front of the potential customers. It can be stated for the managers in the hospitality sector including the management of the Hilton hotels group that effective induction programs include certain specific points. These aspects encompass stating the policies and working procedures of the company to the employees, having an introduction with the existing team members along with introducing the infrastructure of the company among others. Similar to induction program, training and development is also another vital approach to the managers in building an effective workforce. Training and development accelerate the performance of the employees as they are able to enhance and develop their skills and competencies. Training and development also enable employees to get acquainted with the working process of the company. For example, when a candidate joins a company as a full-time employee, he/she has little knowledge about the type and the standards of work performed in the workplace. Consequently, the role of proper and systematic training and development came into existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Purpose and Importance of Induction, Training and Appraisal in a Assignment.
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