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Rosa Parks - Research Paper Example

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She was awarded this name by United State Congress. 4th February [Her birthday] and 1st December [the date when she was imprisoned] both are now known as Rosa Parks Day. In 1955,…
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Rosa Parks
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Extract of sample "Rosa Parks"

Download file to see previous pages She was against of racial segregation. She became an icon of Civil Rights Movement in the world scenario. She worked with the NAACP on many projects or cases. These cases include murder, rape, flogging etc. but did not get so much publicity on their work. In 1979, the NAACP awarded her by its highest honor which was Spingarn Medal. Apart from that she received so many awards such as in 1980 she received Martin Luther King Jr. Award and in 1995 Academy of Achievements Golden Plate Award. Mrs. Parks spent her last few days in Detroit and died in 2005 at the age of 92. She is the one of those women whose courage has changed so many lives in the country (Parks and Haskins 28).
This research study is based on an analysis that is to be conducted on the life history of Rosa Parks. The aim of a research study sets the mission that is to be achieved by the researcher through the study. The research aim should always be precise as it forms the basis on which the entire research study would be conducted. The major problem of the research that needs to be addressed by the study is to analyze the major factors that make Rosa Parks “The Mother of Modern – Day Civil Rights Movement”. The research aim of the study would be to address this research problem statement. Hence the research aim can be formulated such as – a research study that analyzes the entire life of Rosa Parks and to identify certain factors that in her that is incomparable and serves as a lesson to be learned by others. The research aim lays the foundation on basis of the objectives of the research can be formulated. The major research objectives of the study is-
The research questions forms the framework that needs to be followed by the researcher so that the analysis performed through the research study can derive appropriate results for the formulated questions. This study would be revolving around the life of Rosa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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