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The author of this essay "Hofstede’s framework" casts light on the concept of Hofstede’s framework. It is stated that Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory provides an effective framework for cross cultural communication, especially in workplaces…
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Hofstedes framework
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Hofstede’s framework Hofstedes cultural dimensions theory provides an effective framework for cross cultural communication especially in workplaces. Diversity is a fundamental feature in human resource management that influences the productivity of the employee. Effective management of diversity creates an efficient workplace in which the employees sustain the desired productivity. Ineffective management of productivity on the other hand deters productivity since the undesirable cultural differences manifest themselves at the organization thus hindering he creation of an efficient workforce (Coelho, 2011). The theory thus provides for effective ways of managing cultural diversity thus influencing the formation of an effective cross-cultural communication that will enhance the interaction in organizations. Culture is an important social feature that influences individual values; this implies that cultural conflicts are likely to result in the conflict of values a feature that will definitely affect the productivity at the workplace.
In developing effective cross-cultural communication, Hofstede vouches for understanding of the cultural differences. A manager must understand the differences thereby understanding the differences in the values. This way, it becomes easier to appreciate and acknowledge cultural differences thus influencing the development of effective and considerate communication channels in the organization (Fischer, 2009). Human resource managers must always strive to develop cohesive workforces that function seamlessly. Creating such a workforce requires the acknowledgement of the cultural differences since they influence the difference in the individual values. This way, the managers can readily discourage the manifestation of the negative personality features that may arise rom he cultural differences. With such an in-depth understanding of the cultural differences, Hofstede asserts that it becomes possible for managers to barn particular behaviors while encouraging positive interpersonally skills that enhance productivity.
Coelho, D. A. (2011). A study on the relation between manufacturing strategy, company size, country culture and product and process innovation in Europe. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 7(2), 152-165.
Fischer, R. (2009). Where is Culture in Cross-Cultural Research?: An Outline of a Multilevel Research Process for Measuring Culture as a Shared Meaning System. International Journal. of Cross Cultural Management, 9: 25-48. Read More
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