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Once an organization identifies the need for change, the organization should assess the current firm situation by engaging the…
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Ip3 managing organizational change
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Organization Development Process Organization Development Process Organization development process is a planned or procedural change activity intended to increase organization efficiency (Middlemist and Hitt, 1988). Once an organization identifies the need for change, the organization should assess the current firm situation by engaging the force field analysis mechanism developed by Kurt Lewin. The mechanism forms the basis of any change process; it is easy and objective to use (Egan, 1988). According to Egan, the force field analysis involves the analysis of the current situation, developing expected results that can be through team work in brainstorming and initiating new strategies and developing a plan that transforms the organization from current to preferred situation. Change agents i.e. firms executives should support the change process by offering transformative leadership, goal oriented approach to change, visionary leadership, interpersonal skills and good communication skills. According to Egan, he suggests that planning be at the forefront of any change so as to gain value and desired results thus the need for goal oriented planning.
Organization executive may in the short term to build up the intended change, develop various mechanism to promote the change process among employees, such include creating short term wins to show change progress, communication of vision and mission statement and team building by creating cohesive, committed and productive work groups. Long term strategies involve process strategies such as quality circles, surveys and career training and structural strategies such as firm restructuring, management by objectives and job redesign.
Organization change process is also determined by the resource mobilization capability of an organization; this can range from human resources, financial resources and physical resources. An organization should motivate the employees to derive the best output from their efforts; this can be through offering financial benefits and fringe benefits. Tools of performance are vital instruments to ensure progressive change process is within the firm. Executive should be at hand to ensure that all change components are committed to the change endeavor in order to realize maximum output from the process.
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